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Yesterday morning as I was jogging on the treadmill trying to shed those uninvited Christmas pounds, I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, The Skirted Roundtable, in a discussion between three designers who all have fabulous blogs and insights into the world of design. In this segment, they interviewed Stephen Drucker, the Editor in Chief of House Beautiful magazine. I hadn’t realized that HB has been around for over 100 years, but I had noticed that in the last few years, it seems to be getting better and better. While other magazines are shedding pages or suffering even worse demises, HB seems to be getting stronger, thicker, with great big pictures, wonderfully varied design features, fabulous “how to’s” and a focus that is both aspirational and approachable.

I always look forward to getting my issue of HB in the mail, but unfortunately my subscription didn’t follow our recent move, and I have missed the last two issues. This became evident when the three ladies went on and on about how fabulous the recent Dec/Jan issue was and particularly praised the cover and story of Jill Brinson’s house in Atlanta. Hmmm, I thought, I don’t remember seeing this. So I sent out a quick S-O-S to a few friends, and was delighted when one responded immediately and brought that issue in to the gallery.

Sure enough, it was a great cover with the pale mauve House Beautiful logo underscored by a gorgeous, chunky rustic beam across the center. But what really caught my eye and jumped right off the page was the painting of a horse by Georges Nasri, smack in the middle of the cover! You have to understand that our paintings are a little bit like our children, and we are enormously proud and excited when we see pictures of little Huffingtons in magazines. Admittedly, not everyone would have noticed this painting at all. But to me, it was glaringly obvious and terribly exciting, kind of like having your child's artwork picked for the cover of the school poetry magazine (never happened to me).

See the Nasri horse hiding to the right of the couch?

I admit that we work hard to get our artist's work published, which is one of the reasons we’re delighted to contribute to show houses and work with designers. But this was the freebie that we’d never dreamed of -- the cover of House Beautiful magazine! We immediately poured over every detail of the article and were thrilled to read about this talented designer and her creative and quirky house in Atlanta. And we were enormously proud that a painting by our very own Monsieur Nasri graced the walls of her amazing sitting room – and upon further inspection, the living room as well!

Spot the Nasri over the mantle?

Monsieur Nasri’s work has universal appeal, but he is especially appreciated among the designer community. His work was also recently featured in Charlotte Moss’s room at the 2008 Kips Bay Show House. So it was no surprise to see him pop up in a beautifully decorated house by a talented Atlanta based designer. Bravo to Georges, and hats off to Jill for her exquisite taste.

By the way, since we became aware of the article, we've now seen lots of coverage of Jill Brinson's gorgeous house, most recently in yesterday's Cote de Texas blog. What a funny coincidence! But the attention on Jill's house is no surprise: It is deservedly delicious. If you haven't feasted your eyes on it yet, this is a treat for you to savor!


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Jill Brinson's Rustic and Luxurious Design

Understated elegance in the foyer

A place to compose your thoughts in the library

Bright and airy kitchen

Wall of windows in the kitchen

Tranquil dining room

Functional simplicity in the master bathroom

Master bedroom

Interior designer Jill Brinson, owner of Jill Sharp Style and also Creative Director of Ballard Designs, mixes rough, salvaged beams with Moroccan tapestries and industrial steel shelves in her renovated cottage home in Atlanta.

Visit Cote de Texas and House Beautiful for additional information.

By Lisa Cregan

Photo Credit: Simon Upton

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