Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Glorious Season of Giving

Huff Harrington Christmas 10Nancy Franke’s Tiny Surprise (and the cover of our Christmas card)

Just like everyone else out there, our little gallery has been full of people running in and out to pick last minute gifties, both large and small. We love the idea of giving art as a gift, especially to the just-starting-out-in-a-first-apartment set or even teenagers. And, is there anything more romantic than a specially chosen painting from the love of your life? Or choosing a piece together? We’ve had all of the above come through the gallery in the last couple weeks and it’s been simply joyful to help and facilitate.

Here are some paintings that will be nestled under the tree Christmas morning:

Doug Foltz But I've Been Wrong Before 30 x 48.jpg

Doug Foltz, But I’ve Been Wrong Before

Copy of Interieur I 54x54

Silke Henkel Wallace, Interieur I

Some art-loving clients just went ahead and bought paintings for themselves, something we heartily applaud:

gift of love 12 x 9 950

Nancy Franke, Gift of Love

Raulet, Goose on Brown, 24 x 24, $1650

Dawne Raulet’s Goose on Brown

lo res As Though It matters 20 x 16 Lorraine Christie’s As Though It Matters

We are actually taking a couple days off to celebrate the season with our families and friends. We’ll have a little lunch here tomorrow with Linda, Sam and Sarah and we’ll celebrate Ann’s birthday, belatedly.

From all of us to all of you: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and be safe.

ta ta…

xmas card inside

Monday, December 13, 2010

Huffingtons in the Movies: the Sequel

Last week, we just had to share the news that some of our paintings made their screen debut in a new TV pilot, “Necessary Roughness”, that’s being filmed here in Atlanta. (

We loved the entire process and are waiting with bated breath for the pilot to make it onto our TV screens – don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted.

Working with the lovely set designer did get us thinking: what if the inimitable Nancy Meyers and her longtime set designer, Jon Hutman (“Something’s Gotta Give”, “The Holiday”) or Beth Rubino (“It’s Complicated”) called us one day to tell us they need art for their sets? Can you imagine the fun?


Here’s the wonderful Jack Nicholson as Harry in “Something’s Gotta Give.” His manly and sophisticated bedroom is perfect for him. While we like the funky abstracted piece above the bed, we had a different idea:

Harrys Room with Foltz

We think this is just a little more soothing and serene for the bedroom – and this would help Harry get to that zen place in his life, which he badly needs. (Doug Foltz’s “But I’ve Been Wrong Before.”) Beside, Erica (Diane Keaton) will love this because it will remind her of her fabulous Hamptons beach house.

“The Holiday” was another cute Meyers rom-com whose interiors had us all drooling.


Here’s Cameron Diaz’s snazzy L.A. living room from “The Holiday.” We love the monchromatic palette and white slipcovers here, there and everywhere. Very chic.

Here’s our suggestion for Cameron:

The Holiday LR with Zae

We like the edgy quality of this gorgeous piece by Zae, called “Semblance.” We think the splashes of rusty red against the black and cream are a perfect complement to this room…and we can just imagine Cameron and Jude Law lounging in here and being very L.A.

Cameron’s L.A. bedroom is also very clean and stylish:

The Holiday BR with MPB

In fact, the paintings above the bed remind us of our own Georges Nasri, who paints simple, elegant and spare watercolors of women:

Chic hat in black and white Chic Hat in Black and White

All Dressed Up

All Dressed Up

Indigo Chic Indigo Chic

But we liked the idea of something softer and more ethereal over the bed especially since Cameron plays a hyped-up workaholic in the movie:

holiday bedroom

Melissa Payne Baker’s “Everlasting I”

Last year’s “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin was funny and entertaining – but what really got us was Meryl Streep’s fabulously comfortable house. Why on earth was she planning on renovating it?

The kitchen alone was serious eye-candy:

it's complicated kitchen

And we all ooohed and aaahed over the living room, which seemed to be the perfect place to relax with friends, curl up and read or enjoy a little glass of wine:

its complication living room

We love the pops of color and the collected look and feel of this…and had no problem imagining this over the mantel:

Its Complicated LR with Ibe

Love the chartreusey green and brilliant reddish-orange palete of Onyeka Ibe’s Hilltop Barn II.

We love the magic of the movies, but honestly, it’s even more fun to imagine our precious paintings gracing the big screen. We’ll keep you posted about our TV pilot!

Ta Ta…

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Huffingtons: In the Movies (okay, a TV show…)

Some very exciting news came our way a couple weeks ago when we were visited unexpectedly by the very lovely and talented Kathryn Peters, who is a set designer based in L.A. She’s here in Atlanta filming a pilot for a new TV series called “Necessary Roughness.”

Callie Thorne plays tough, sexy Long Island divorcee, Danielle Santino, who, to make ends meet, becomes the therapist for a professional football team and quickly becomes sought after by other athletes, musicians, politicians and those living in the spotlight. (

If you don’t live around here, you may not know that the state of Georgia offers quite a hefty tax rebate to production companies when they film here, so we natives are becoming increasingly used to seeing film crews here, there and everywhere these days.

Brookhaven, an Atlanta intown neighborhood, has been ground zero for filming lately. This adorable house had a starring role in the recent “Life As We Know It,” starring Katherine Heigl. (this house is actually for sale and is listed at

Anyway, the pilot is being filmed virtually across the street from one of us so we caught on immediately when Ms. Peters explained her mission.

She was in the process of creating the “home” for the lead character, a feisty Long-Islandy type of therapist who works with professional athletes. She explained to us that the character has had her house “done” by a designer, but her fiery Italian independence means that the certain spots in the interiors definitely show her passion and love of life: color, color and more color. Ms. Peters was in need of artwork for the house and could we be of help?

We knew the house in question – and there is no doubt that it is truly a beautiful, tasteful home full of gorgeous furnishings and an elegant, sophisticated flair to it. Kathryn agreed with all of the above, but in this case, the character rules: out with monochromatics and in with the color! So, we gave her a pad of paper and a pen and plenty of time to browse…and before we knew it, Ms. Peters had chosen a vibrant, lively collection of paintings for her “client.”

Here are some of the pieces Ms. Peters chose right off the bat for her character:

low res red boots Ewa Rzeznik’s “Red Boots”

Ibe, Tuscan Height II, 30x40

Onyeka Ibe’s “Tuscan Heights II”

Cashmere Mist lowest res

Heidi Kirschner, “Cashmere Mist”

UnearthingPetals5.2_30x22lr Elise Morris, “Unearthing Petals 5.1”

Real Lemons 5 x 7

Jim Richards, “Real Lemons” (this one ended up in the character’s kitchen)

Franke, Just Me, 8 x 8, $425

Nancy Franke’s “Just Me.”

We got to pop over to the house the day before Thanksgiving to see how our babies looked in the house. The crew was frantically putting it all together and our babies were placed, but not hung yet:

DSC01472In the family room (with a set guy doing his thing)

DSC01475We think this is going to be the character’s pretty study.

DSC01477Two Nancy Franke’s wait for their final placement in the foyer.

We’re dying to see how it all came together and will be glued to the tube when this pilot airs.

The whole exercise did get us thinking. What if the wonderful Nancy Meyers or Beth Rubino had called us for a helping hand in the set decoration for Something’s Gotta Give (a Huffington fave) or It’s Complicated (ditto) or the rom-com, Holiday? We had fun imagining the results…stay tuned!

In the meantime, we’ll be glued to the TV waiting for our paintings’ screen debut.

Ta ta…