Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life and Love: Getting Emotional with Lorraine Christie

Assent, oil on canvas, 24 x 36"

As you know, we’ve been pretty busy around the gallery with the recent American Women’s Artist exhibit and racing to unveil our newest venture in a couple weeks. Cick here to read all about it.But we’re not the only ones who have been burning the midnight oil and it’s with great excitement and honor that we present a solo show for the incomparable and exquisitely talented (and very hard working) Lorraine Christie.

Lorraine, who is funny, smart and self-deprecating – and always the life of the party - has been virtually chained to her easel these last few weeks…and we’re pretty sure her legions of fans and collectors will swoon over these new paintings.

What Are the Chances 36 x 24

What Are The Chances? 36 x 24 oil on canvas.

Lorraine’s unique appeal comes from her ability to tap into her own emotional reservoir which translates effortlessly and beautifully on the canvas. She weaves together stories of life, love and missed emotional connections and ties it all together neatly with her wonderful titles. And she composes her work playfully: the painting is often not about the most obvious figures on the canvas but rather the more obscure characters often hiding in the backround.

Rhapsody 24 x 36

Rhapsody, 24 x 36, oil on canvas. Who is this painting really about? At first glance, you might think it’s about the couple with the red umbrella who are a little to the right of center…but knowing Lorraine playfulness, the hero is probably one of the other characters that make up this intriguing piece.

These paintings exude the gamut of emotions from joy to yearning to love and loss but it’s all done in an elegant and sophisticated way. Her settings all vaguely hint at large cosmopolitan cities such as London, Paris, Rome or New York and we have great fun watching our clients trying to guess the locale of the subject.

Two By the Thames 24 x 36

Two by the Thames, 24 x 36, oil on canvas. This one is pure Lorraine.

But what resonates throughout Lorraine’s work is her delicate way with emotion, relationships and how fleeting life’s opportunities are.

Table 7, 24 x 36 lo res

Table 7, 24 x 36, oil on canvas. This one is so gorgeous – the tension between the two main characters is almost tangible. Is it good tension or bad tension? (Or maybe he’s just checking that she picked up the fries order.)

And did we mention that when Lorraine turns her laser beam focus on a different style of work, the results are just as spectacular?

Reach Inside, Still Life, 18 x 24

Reach Inside, 18 x 24, oil on canvas. When Lorraine paints a still life, you can practically taste the fruit. Rich, succulent and absolutely to die for.

We’ll unveil Lorraine’s newest body of work to the public on Friday, November 4th. Lorraine will be here at the gallery and we know it’s going to be a lively and fun night…and one we’ve all been looking forward to. Hope you can join us.

Ta ta.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Something to smile about

We’ve been busy. Real busy. First, there’s the American Women Artists Nationally Juried show that we’ve been honored to host (hurry … it’s only up for one more week!), attracting favorable attention from art lovers and collectors all over the country.

Leah Hopkings, Jenna - Haiti

Wonderful drawing by Leah Henry

Then, there is the long awaited solo show for Lorraine Christie, which opens to the public on Friday, November 4th, and will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting and well attended events that we’ve ever had at Huff Harrington Fine Art. How proud we are of Lorraine – and of the new work that she has produced, to unveil at this show.

And then, there’s the little surprise, down the road … literally … at 102 West Paces Ferry Road. How much can we tell you about our little surprise? Because we don’t want to spoil it, we just ask that you save the date (how can you forget this one: eleven.eleven.eleven?) and join us as we excitedly open our doors and welcome you home to our newest adventure, Huff Harrington Home, on Friday November 11th, from 10 to 6 p.m.

This much we know: Every day is like Christmas as we find surprises popping out of every box.

b and w Meg going at it

From Belgian antiques to American made pillows to French ballerinas to every wine lover’s necessity … we’ve scoured our little universe to bring together all the things we love. And how will it all come together? We have no idea … but we know it will be different, daunting and definitely fun (oh, and very pretty … and it will smell good, too!). With your loyal support and our measured madness, we think we’ve landed on a wonderful new store, filled to the brim with all the things we love. It is definitely something to smile about. We hope you will think so too.

Here’s a sneak preview of a day in a life.


Meg and the newest Huffington, Emily, on the hunt

bb & w tina_rowden_photographer__client_galleries_129271

Ooh la la! Quelle surprise!

b and w Ann and Meg vignette cropped

After struggling with boxes and making best friends with box cutters, it’s time to freshen up a little and pose for a few formal portraits …

b & w the formal portrait in b and w

Which, after a day of unpacking, is about all we can take!

black and white why are these ladies so tired

Luckily … with a little bubbly to the rescue (in the nice company of Emily and Linda), we can finally say:

black and white toast

Cheers! It’s busy … but we have a lot to smile about.



Monday, October 10, 2011

American Women Artists

Familiar sight

They started to trickle in about two weeks ago. One or two packages at a time, several times a day. At first we were on top of it, and we stacked the boxes neatly into piles in our back room. We joked about it with our clients and tried to make light of our new found interior décor – which included lots and lots of boxes. And then the onslaught arrived: thirty boxes in one day! When our UPS man delivered another six boxes, we all collectively gasped, “Oh no” to which he replied, “You know that’s not the reaction I normally get when I deliver boxes.”


We had planned for this of course. In fact, we were even excited about it. And we knew exactly what we were getting in to, almost a year ago, when we were offered the prestigious opportunity to host the National Juried Exhibition & AWA Master Signature and Signature Member Show. But somehow we hadn’t quite anticipated that our entire little gallery would be taken over by boxes, and boxes and more boxes.

One hundred fifteen boxes exactly.

Sarah with knife

But then the fun began. We started to tackle the boxes, one at a time, about a week ago. Thanks to Sarah, our very organized Gallery Manager who had us following precise directions for receiving and cataloguing the art, we had a well thought out system in place which included the perfect tools and sharpened box cutters. And thanks to Debbie Leeuw, AWA’s very capable Executive Director, whose detailed guidelines to all of the artists included strict directions on how to ship their work, we were spared the onslaught of pesky peanuts and other non-eco friendly paraphernalia.

In fact, most of the boxes were so beautifully wrapped that before we even got to their contents, we were oohing and aahing over the packing!

photo 2

Of course once we opened the boxes, unwrapping each piece carefully and unveiling the art work for all to admire, we started to realize what a fun show this would be. Featuring varied work from dozens of acclaimed artists from all over the country, who have spent years honing their skills and have the accolades and distinctions to prove it, this show brings together a significant collection of distinguished, contemporary American art.

How exciting for us to hang a show with completely new and different artists, and to do it with our signature way of mixing things up! How do you think we will marry these paintings together? Will there be our usual AHA moments?

Diane Rath, Small Gathering

Diane Rath, Small Gathering

Katie Dobson Cundiff

Katie Dobson Cundiff, Together

Suzanne Hughes Sullivan, Luminescent Oranges

Suzanne Hughes Sullivan, Luminescent Oranges

Leah Hopkings, Jenna - Haiti

Leah Hopkins, Jenna – Haiti

Paula Holtzclaw, Shining Through

Paula Holtzclaw, Shining Through

And what about the sculpture? This may be the most exciting part for us. After all, we don’t regularly feature sculpture in our gallery, although it is a medium that we all adore. The sculptures from this show range from beautiful, representational bronzes to abstract mixed media. What a great new dimension to our gallery!

Joy Kroeger Beckner, So Good to See You

Joy Kroeger Beckner, So Good to See You

Marilyn Newmark, Fancy Free

Marilyn Newmark, Fancy Free

Rosetta, On the Alert

Rosetta, On the Alert


Marie-Pierre Philippe-Lohezic, Mystery

The fun has already begun for us, as we take roll up our sleeves, don our hanging hats and espadrilles, and spend the next few days hanging like crazy. The fun will begin for all of you on Friday evening, at 6 p.m., when you don your party hats and join us for our reception honoring the juried competition finalists (some of whom are familiar names from Atlanta), the Master Signature Members and the Signature Members of the American Women Artist’s Association. Won’t you come see us?

Ta ta …


PS By the way, all of this beautiful artwork is available for purchase. And we’ll even box it up and ship it to you!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Little Slice of Heaven

We have a little joke around here that the real reason I went into business with Ann is because she comes with a couple of wonderful assets: namely an insanely charming and rambling farmhouse in Provence (and now a jewelbox of an apartment in Paris…) Now, that’s not entirely true…in fact, we are excellent business partners, wonderful friends, adore what we do and always have a ball doing it.

But, truth be told, Ann’s Les Murets in Provence really is a little slice of heaven and when I was there recently with a group of eight women, we were all collectively praising and thanking Madame for her love of all things French, especially her real estate.

DSC00945That indescribable early morning light over Les Murets

Through the gallery, we’ve offered these trips many times before (this was our sixth trip) and it never fails to amaze us how warm sunshine, soft light, lavender-scented breezes and plenty of good local rose can work its magic on one and all.

DSC00969 Choosing olives….

The formula is not complicated: we have a busy agenda that runs the gamut from shopping the dozens of local markets (that are part of the French culture and lifestyle) to visiting galleries, gardens and cultural attractions. We add some delectable and leisurely lunches and top it all off with some downtime by the pool and festive dinners on the terrace.


The cheesemonger’s truck – complete with marketgoers meandering past.


Everything is always mouth-wateringly appealing.


“How is this going to fit in my suitcase?”


One evening, we came to the 12th century Abbaye de Senaque and heard vespers. Heavenly.

One of the best treats that always occurs on these trips: we’re always bowled over by the simple and gracious ways our French friends treat us.

On Sunday, September 11th, we were enjoying a warm morning at one of our favorite markets…ooohing and aaahing over the huge array of just picked produce and fruit; tables groaning with organic honey and jams; neighborhood vintners pouring generous samples of their wine and all whole party atmosphere that goes hand in hand with French markets. Everyone was a little jet-lagged. One of our group stopped to buy something from a friendly vendor. “You are American?” he asked. “Yes, we are,” we answered. To which he replied “Today is a very sad day for your country. I want you to know that all of France is thinking of you.”

untitled The September 11th tenth anniversary memorial in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

There wasn’t a dry eye at the dinner table that night when we had a little sad moment of silence and thought about that terrible day and how, despite all the politics and posturing, nice people are just nice people everywhere.

For the rest of the week, we shopped, explored, ate, drank, hiked, laughed, ate and drank some more, and collapsed happy at the end of each day.

Copy of DSC01750

Overlooking Gordes after our lively hike there.

Copy of DSC01756

The picture perfect terrace where we lunched one day…

Every day was a huge treat, but Thursday may have been the highlight. Our adorable driver, Christophe showed up bright and early and drove us quickly down the autoroute to Marseilles where we happily sat in traffic and took in all the sights, smells and colors of Marseilles’s famous Vieux Port.

Then, it was on to Cassis for a little exploring and lunch. Here we discovered another universal truth: no matter where you are in the world sunshine, water, boats and clean sea-scented air will bring out the best in everyone. We strolled, shopped and ate heartily at a wonderful restaurant (where we inhaled la soupe de poisson – a heavenly concoction of sinful seafood broth served over a dollop of garlicky rouille and a crusty slice of baguette. Mmmmmm.)

Copy of DSC01765

Sunshine, boats, water, lunch…pure paradise in Cassis.

Copy of DSC01766

The beach at Cassis.

Copy of DSC01777


Anxiously waiting for our Soupe de Poisson…

The good news is that we’re already planning next year’s trips – and one of them even includes a stop in Paris before arriving in Provence. (click here for all the info.) So don’t worry: it’s never too late to experience the magic and friendship that Provence so effortlessly offers.

Ta ta.