Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Ten for 2011

It’s the season of Top Ten countdowns and we have thought about writing a well earned blog about our “Top Ten Bloopers” as we’ve forged our way into new adventures and businesses. And we will do this – if we don’t write the book first! But this has been a pretty remarkable year for us Huffingtons and we think that before admitting to all of our little faux pas along the way, we’d like to reflect upon the top ten events that have made 2011 our most exciting year in business.

#10: The Raw Space

Finding and falling in love with the old Mercedes dealership on West Paces Ferry, and thinking that with a little TLC, make up and lipstick, it would be the perfect spot for Huff Harrington Home.

The raw space

Isn’t she pretty? See #1 if you don’t believe us!

#9: The Blonde Bombshells at Huff Harrington Fine Art.

This was one of our favorite shows ever. The artists enjoyed it, our clients seemed to love it, the press got a kick out of it, and we all had a ball!

Blond Bombshells 020[3]

From top left: Lorraine Christie, Melissa Payne Baker, Dawne Raulet, Aaron Whitehouse and Bonnie Beauchamp Cooke.

#8: Shopping in Europe!

As soon as we signed on the space, we were out the door and over the pond shopping for merchandise. We’ve got enough stories to fill a book on this one, but let’s just say that as usual, it was loads of fun.

Mirror for mantel_thumb

Ann posing with a beautiful antique French “Miroir a Fronton Coquille”

#7: Trips to Provence:

We made several of them this year, many of which were documented in previous blogs. One of our favorites was the incredible “Painting in Provence” trip with the effervescent Nancy Franke.

Born again

Nancy Franke leading the painting trip at Les Murets

#6: The Paris Apartment

It took almost a year of renovations, and more frequent flier miles than we care to count … but in the end, the renovation of the Paris apartment was a collaborative effort among several Huffington designers, and one of the most satisfying and beautiful projects we’ve ever been involved in!

Paris apartment

The Beaumes de Venise apartment we renovated in Paris

#5: A JDRF masterpiece

What started as a simple request to one of our artists – to paint a painting for the live auction of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s annual Gala – turned in to one of our favorite projects, led by Melissa Payne Baker and several junior ambassadors from JDRF. The results were incredible: The artists painted a masterpiece which raised over $12,000 for JDRF during an exciting bidding war at the gala in May.

Melissa with easel_thumb[1]

Melissa Payne Baker at the gala with the masterpiece.

#4: Lorraine Christie’s Solo Show

Lorraine gave it her all, and the results were amazing. With 22 of the 24 paintings sold in just a matter of days, this was one of the most exciting and sought after shows we’ve ever hosted, and certainly one of the most fun as well. Our congratulations to Lorraine and to the lucky clients who were able to purchase her paintings before they flew off the walls.


“Assent” by Lorraine Christie

#3: The Dream Team

They probably like this better than being called Huffingtons (!), but regardless of the name, we couldn’t be happier with our new little family at Huff Harrington Home and Huff Harrington Fine Art.


HHH Dream team, from left: Sam, Emily, Allison, Ann, Meg, Collee and Linda.

Sarah Sullivan is now the manager at Huff Harrington Fine Art, enabling us to split our time between Huff Harrington Home and Fine Art.


Sarah, right, shown here with Meg, Ann and Linda

#2: Opening Night at HHH

We were exhausted, exhilarated and almost ready to be exhumed, but it was one of the most fun nights of our lives, and definitely, one of the most memorable. Surrounded by friends and family, we opened our doors and prayed that nobody would buy anything, because we were still struggling on how to use the cash registers!



#1: 11-11-11

That was the day that we officially opened our doors at Huff Harrington Home (and the day that we learned happily how to use the cash registers). It’s been a dream come true, one made possible by the help of so many people: Supportive vendors, friends, artists, clients, husbands and family, as well as the friendly, trusting and respectful partnership that we’ve come to share. 2011 has been full of surprises, adventures and yes, mistakes – but it has also been so much fun. We can’t wait for 2012!


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