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HH in their Aprons
It all started back in August, on Sam’s birthday.  We Huffingtons love to celebrate each others' birthdays, and we’d all planned something fun and festive for our very much beloved Sam (who goes by quite a few nicknames, but we’ll save those for another time).    Emily, the quiet one with the twinkle in her eye, threw us all into a jealous frenzy when she presented Sammy with her unique gift:  A gorgeous, handmade apron with a fabulous long and sexy satin sash.  It was just the sassiest thing we’d ever seen and you can imagine, we all grabbed it from Sam, whined about not having one ourselves and spun around the room modeling it.
Linda modeling the new Rendez-vous apron
Of course it took us all of five seconds to ask Emily, “Where did you get that sassy apron?” and, when we discovered they were hand made by Emily’s mother (no surprise, since tasteful creativity runs deep in that family), we didn’t hesitate to pounce:  We want to sell them!!  How many can she make us?  How soon, how fast and how much?
Cutie and cutie
(Emily and her mother, Theresa)
We were delighted that Theresa, Emily’s lovely mother who had just created her new company “Rendez-vous Designs,” was willing and able to deliver for us, and so we immediately placed our first order … and the rest is history.

Well, maybe not quite yet.
Our sassy apron display
Our first aprons arrived in October, just in time for our fall ad, which we  decided to call, “Happily Hosting” so that we could feature them in the ad.  First, Emily had some fun taking pictures of us as we prepped for the photo shoot, so that her mother could see how much we were enjoying the aprons.  For some reason, these aprons just make us feel sassy.

Then we posed like crazy until the ad was shot.
Ann being fitted for the photo shoot.
Mme H, fittingly fitted by Sam
OK, I couldn't resist this. Where was John Singer Sargent when we needed him?
Mme X holds nothing over Mme H!
How do we look?  Oh let's just take a guess:  Sassy and sassier?
OK that angle's not going to work, but look at those cute aprons!

We displayed the aprons around the store, and yes, from time to time, even modeled them ourselves.  When we hosted our book signing for Danielle Rollins and her gorgeous new book "Soiree", we figured nothing could be more appropriate for the hostess with the mostess than a Rendez Vous apron (and we think she agreed!).
Danielle Rollins modeling her brand new apron
Our Rendez-vous aprons have been flying out the door, and sadly, we have only one more! But luckily Theresa has been busily sewing away, and we are getting a new shipment this week.  Unfortunately we won’t have them in time to wow our guests on Thanksgiving day, but maybe if we’re lucky, Santa will pull two aside for us at Christmas.  We’re just so happy that Emily’s mother is now part of our extended family and we hope that this little collaboration will be the beginning of many more in the future.

As we approach our favorite holiday and give thanks for family, food and all the things we have to be grateful for – we give thanks to you, our dear clients, for your support and friendship, especially with our new venture.  And we give thanks to our very special little family of Huffingtons, who are the backbone of our business, and who help us learn and laugh every day.  You deserve a day off on Thursday!  May your Thanksgivings  be filled with warmth, laughter and joy.
Most of our darling Huffingtons ... with Danielle Rollins
Ta ta ...


PS: Did you know that Huff Harrington Home is now open Sundays, until Christmas?  We're here and happy to see you from 1 to 5 on Sundays.