Thursday, June 21, 2012

Workshop Frenzy


When we walk through the door in the morning to the sound of a ringing telephone, and see that the emails have piled up and there are six new messages on our answering machine, we can pretty much guarantee that Nancy Franke has posted the dates for her next workshop at Huff Harrington Fine Art!

Not only are we so fortunate to represent this talented artist, but we also have the privilege of hosting her tremendously popular one-day workshops.  This is all well and good except when we inadvertently schedule a workshop on Father's Day, and need to reschedule the participants for another time (which Nancy kindly offered to do), creating yet another round of clogging phone wires and emails, and a frenzy of eager participants.
Nancy Franke, Watch Me Go
Luckily, this all turned out for the best, and Nancy had another wonderful workshop at HHFA this past Sunday, painting children's portraits.  And when we look at the work that came out of this workshop, we know what all the fuss is about! In fact, we're so taken with both Nancy's inspirational paintings that she had on hand for the workshop, and by the work done by the artist participants, that we just had to share it with you.
Nancy Franke, Un Peu Curieux
How does she do it?  With these workshops, Nancy starts with a photograph, like this one of a familiar (and adorable) little pink model, who even from the back, coincidentally bears a strong resemblance to her talented grandma.

Then she sketches, using artistic license and resizing for the canvas ...
The rough sketch
... and with the loose lick of a brush, she makes it look way too easy!
Let's make her orange instead of pink!
Although we weren't able to stay for the workshop, we've been around Nancy long enough to know that all this is done with tremendous energy, enthusiasm, humor, patience and clarity, which is one of the reasons her workshops are so popular.  And why not?  Look at the fabulous work that came out of it in just a few hours (with the names of the artists shown under the paintings).
Martha Elder
Leslie Line
Leslie Line
Elizabeth Lines
Kathy Bowman
Kathy Bowman
Christine Bray
Carol Carmichael

Berthe Mobasser
Jacki Newell
Joanne Richardson
Joann Richardson
So we’re more than happy to have our phone lines light up and the emails clogged when Nancy announces her workshop, because it’s all for a great cause.  Watching Nancy inspire other artists is one of the highlights of our job here at the gallery, just as it was for those of us lucky enough to participate in Bill Davidson’s superb workshop in Provence last month.

Oh and by the way, did we mention that Nancy added another children’s workshop date to the roster this summer?  It’s on July 22nd …  Yeeeks, there goes the phone!

Ta ta …


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Huff Harrington Hommes: The Experts Weigh In on Dad's Day

Father's Day is almost upon us...and we realized that while we have a blast figuring out what we girls like, we might need a little help in the guys' department.  So, we went straight to the experts:
 The Huff Harrington Hommes: Scott, Bill and Dan
We gathered the guys around one afternoon, poured them a little cocktail or two and picked their brains (while we took some cute pictures of them.)

One of our experts, Mark,  was too busy with his real job to make our little party and we missed his funny sense of humor and quick observations on everything.  More from him later on.
...and Mark.
What we're hearing is that the dads just want it simple.  No big plans, no big parties - just good quality time with friends and family.

Cute Dan Mohan, who is married to the lovely Linda, told us this:
"I'd start out early with a nice bike ride (he's an avid biker).  After a shower, I'd have a leisurely brunch with the Sunday New York Times at Fado in Buckhead.
Dan would have lunch at Fado in Buckhead.
Late in the day, I might pour a single malt Irish and a nice cigar while I grill the meat. A good steak dinner with Linda and the boys and a nice bottle of red."
What else could a dad want?
(we have just the thing for Dan to keep his single malt at the perfect temperature: Whiskey Stones, soapstone "cubes" that you freeze and add to your favorite cocktail. They don't melt and they don't dilute!)
Whiskey Stones: keep your cocktail chilled without diluting the good stuff.
Scott (who is married to Meg) thinks his perfect Dad's day revolves around food, golf, family and wine:  "I'd love to have my morning coffee and the newspaper in bed (after ten hours of uninterrupted sleep - highly unlikely) followed by a light breakfast served by my beautiful daughters.  Then, I'd love to shoot a 75 on the golf course (again, highly unlikely...) and have a cocktail with my buddies.  After shooting that brilliant round, I'd go home for steaks, salad and a great wine on the porch with the wife and kids."
We'll keep our fingers crossed for Scott's hole-in-one.

Here's a great guide for matching all those grilled steaks with a good wine.
Bill Huff (married to Ann) came up with this perfect fete de pere:  "as it sometimes happens, Father's Day this year also happens to be our anniversary.  So, at best, Father's Day is a shared activity.  My ideal day would be to have time withe people who make me a Father (Ann and the kids) coupled with some Bill-time.  On the Bill-time side I'll definitely go for a bike ride in the monring (and since it's Father's Day, I can get away with taking a long ride.  I'll return late morning and have my favorite meal of the week - brunch! I'm assuming it's a nice day (isn't that part of the Father's Day rule?) so some of the afternoon will be spent at and in the pool.  I'll touch base from time to time with the US Open - which could easily lead to a nap.  And, we'll celebrate the day - and our anniversary  - with dinner (that one is Ann's call.)"
Ann might surprise Bill with this perfect little book.
And, Allison's husband, Mark weighed in with this: "Father's Day.  Could start out by having my lovely  wife join me in my early morning spin class.  Daughter Katie's home (from UGA) so maybe she will surprise me by making her special eggs and French toast. I'm hoping the rest of the day will include watching our son Eric in the Southern Closed tennis tournament. Hot as heck in Rome, Georgia in June,  but some really good tennis! I know Allison and the kids will get me something even though I don't need a thing...but if it's a linen shirt from my favorite store in Clemson, it's a keeper!"
Mark might love these great glasses, made from recycled wine bottles. We love them.
To all our fabulous fathers, dear old dads and positively wonderful pops, we wish you the lovliest of days with all the things you want and love: lots of biking, golfing, wine, food...and, most important, family.
Ta ta.