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It's that time again!

When this Huffington’s home goes on the market, there is inevitably the same four-step pattern that goes something like this:
1: Huff and Puff;
2: Get rid of stuff;
3: Fluff
4:  Enough! (i.e. I may just want to stay!)
It’s happened before and it happened again:  One of us had the itch to move  – not far, mind you, just a few  floors  up in our favorite condo building.  But the timing couldn’t have been worse, with one daughter home from college, depositing a year’s worth of laundry, another daughter graduating from college with a year’s worth of belongings, a husband out of town, a Huffington headed to France, and a realtor telling us all to clean it up, fast!
First, there was a lot of huffing and puffing, from all the family members who were instructed to pack everything up and clean out their closets.  Then the huff and puffers were told they’d be losing half of their bedroom furniture, because our home would show better without it.  Finally, there was the Huffington fluff, which is the fun part – and really the subject of this blog.
You see, all of us Huffingtons are really one big family, and when it comes to fluffing our homes, we pull in the family experts:  Sam, Colleen and in this case, Emily, who saved the day.  Among her many marketing talents, which include delightful creative writing, marketing and social media, Emily has a secret talent of being the best organizer we’ve ever met.  There isn’t a closet messy enough to scare our wonderful, multi-talented Emily.
                                                                                                                                 Emily, in her element (when she's not writing copy, tweeting, facebooking and marketing for Huff Harrinton)
So, with that in mind, and secure in the knowledge that although my own huff-and-puffers were still steamingly mad, my Huffington family would swoop in and fix everything, I hopped on a plane and left my worries … and a few very messy rooms … behind. See how it unfolded:
                                                                                  Before (in all fairness, this daughter is usually very neat; but she had just gotten home from college!) the fluff..
                                                          And after!
See the wonderful paintings by Melissa Payne Baker and Laura Lacambra Shubert, from Huff Harrington Fine Art.
                                                       Before... with the accumulation of four year's of college...
                                                          And after! Minus a little furniture...
                                                        Before (please tell me you've seen rooms like this)
                                                          And after! Thank you to Christina Doelling for loaning me this painting for the photoshoot. If anyone is interested in it, it is now back at the gallery (and looks great there too!)
                                                           The living room, as it looked when we first moved in (and we featured in the AJC's style section... that's another story!)
                                                           And after, with a little help from Sam & Colleen (and Huff Harrington Home!)
                                                           The dining room when it was shot for the AJC
                                                          And now, after the fluff. The dining room table, which was only used twice last year, got bumped in favor of a piano. And we opened up the wall behind the piano to give the place a much freer flow (which I love).
                                                           The kitchen, shot by me before the AJC photo shoot.
                                                           And the power of photography! What a difference that makes! 
                                                           The bedroom, before our most recent switcheroo.
                                                          And after... Sam's brilliant idea, which enabled us to incorporate a huge closet along one wall (not shown).
So with the huff, puff, fluff and stuff out of the way, what’s with “Enough” you ask?
It could be that this Huffington is having second thoughts about selling her condo since the master fluffers have done their magic. Could it be that she doesn’t want to move after all? Maybe … but not without a couple of changes to her condo. Stay tuned!
Ta ta …
PS The “after” photos are courtesy of Courtney Astor with Obeo. The listing is with a wonderful Buckhead agent, Kevin Grieco of Atlanta Fine Homes. Oh, and about that closet that Emily was working on in the beginning of the blog …
                                                                                                                   Ta da!