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When we decided to start a blog for Huff Harrington Fine Art, we'd be the first to admit that we really didn't know what we were doing. Of course, we have never let that stop us from charging ahead.

When we asked ourselves what we really wanted to create and say in our love letters to life, we did what any self-respecting amateurs would do: We researched blogs that we loved and that inspired us. The list was long and so totally entertaining. Being in Atlanta, we are guilty of unconditionally loving on Things That Inspire, Stylecourt, The Peak of Chic, and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle. All these blogs make us so proud to be Atlantans.

Velvet and Linen has us California Dreaming and French Essence takes us to France when the airlines don't. Are there such things as 'blog stalkers'? If so, we may be guilty as charged!

But in our "blog design meetings", we always refer to our all-time favorite blog, Cote de Texas written by the lovely and talented Joni Webb from Houston, Texas. This blog is our inspiration, stimulation, obsession and motivation. In the Huffington dictionary, next to blog goddess, we have Joni's photo. Her blog is creative, entertaining, informative, detailed and oh, so much fun. When we read her posts, we always feel like we've just had a satisfying luncheon with a fabulous friend. We find ourselves coming up with ideas for our blog and then asking "What would Joni say?" We even talked of shooting off an e-mail to Joni headed "Houston, we have a problem" and then have her respond in her delightful Texan drawl (which somehow comes through even in e-mails) with the perfect solution. Let's face it, Joni is our imaginary friend at all our blog discussions.

SOOOOO....imagine our delight and surprise when we went live with our first blog with much trepidation and sat and waited to see if anyone would be reading. On our January 26 posting, A Huffington in House Beautiful, you can imagine our surprise and delight to have Joni,( yes, our imaginary friend from Cote de Texas), leave a charming comment about our post. We were burning up the e-mail trail between all of us shooting off virtual high- fives and celebrating in cyberspace.

So today, we are going to have some fun with Joni's latest posting. (We did this in our February 25 posting Having Some Fun about a posting from another favorite blog, Velvet and Linen. Beautiful Brooke sent us the cutest comments on that blog which made it even more fun.)

Joni has been working on a design project for her neighbor across the street (wouldn't we all love to live across the street from Joni?).

Cropped side view

Cropped other wall

In her post on March 5, Webb Design: The Albans House, we got to see Joni at her best, designing a beautiful home for a family whom she cares about. We couldn't resist letting our inner child out again and playing dress up with our art in this fabulous living room.

Cropped LR

We saw this mantel, and we couldn't help ourselves: Imagine how it would look with a wonderful Lorraine Christie , whose soft romantic art transports you to another place with her evocative images and soft palette?

Houston-Lorraine Lorraine Christie, Marry Me, oil on canvas, 24 x 36”


Or an abstract from Jeffrey Terreson, like Storm Break, mixed media on canvas, 40 x 54”


Doug Foltz, A Momentary Opening, oil on canvas, 36 x 60”

Houston-Renfro Angie Renfro, San Francisco Heights, oil on board, 24 x 16”

Houston-Unknow Michael Bowman, Provence Views, oil on linen, 18 x 24”

And for another gorgeous wall that immediately grabbed our attention, we took our inspiration from the photos of the clients' young daughters. Here, we thought of our artist, Angela Nesbit, who paints such dreamy portrayals of children that seem to suspend their playful personalities in time as a reminder of how fleeting childhood really is.

Houston-NesbitAngela Nesbit, Skipping Girl Study, oil on canvas, 14 x 18”

Houston-Unknown2Or a beautiful landscape by Nancy Franke, entitled Watercolor Skies

Houston-Nesbit2Angela Nesbit, Yellow Roses Study, oil on canvas, 16 x 12”

Houston-Stockton Elizabeth Stockton, Unwind, 36 x 24"

Houston-Nasri Georges Nasri, La Femme au Marche, watercolor, 25 x 21”

So no, Houston, we don't have a problem. Instead, we thank you, Joni, our favorite Houston, for being such a great role model for all of us.

Ta ta!


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